Gumshara Ramen as has been noted by Dan Hong as being "chronic". And as he gets most things right across various cuisines besides his background of Vietnamese, he's right on the money again.

Located in one of the great Sydney food courts, Eating World, Gumshara Ramen is much about the experience and respect of the ramen as it is about taste and satiety. Actually i am still a little mixed on the taste, as it's sooo chronic. But i certainly respect it and it's a must try for anyone interested in food.

So there's a thick master stock and a thinner one. The thick one takes 120kgs of pork bones a day, and seven days to make. It borders a gravy rather than a soup, and it's chronic. Its thick with collagen, which comes from the bone marrow and soft bone cooking down.

I got the tonkotsu ramen, number 2. It was the second time i've had it. First was two years ago, for which a first for me i didn't complete it. I normally love drinking all the soup from ramen, but this was too much and rich. This time i realised it's better to eat the noodles and treat the soup more like a gravy, and don't feel the need to finish the soup. And little sips of the soup, not big slurps with most ramen. The pickled ginger side also helps to break it up on the palate, as does adding sesame seeds to the soup. There's pickled garlic as a side too.

The pork in the ramen was the highlight in terms of taste. Way tastier than any other ramen joint.

You can ask for the soup to be less think, they just mix some of the light broth in with the thick. If you aren't that adventurous that might be wise, but if you are after food adventure and just want to blow your mind then leave it thick.

This place is a must try for any one into food. It is as Dan Hong says "chronic", and  the time, effort, love and devotion he shows to his craft needs to be respected and fully supported. I hope he makes ramen for many years and passes what he knows on to others. Another awesome food experience that has made Sydney world class in the last 5 yrs.

After that i went to Saint Honore Cake Shop on Sussex St, Chinatown for my staple po lo bao (pineapple bun, which doesn't actually contain pineapple but the sugary mixture on top carmalises a golden brown colour and with checkered scoring looks like a pineapple), cocktail bun (filled with a buttery coconut sugar paste, i think), and a random which i got a chestnut bun. A fraction over $3 for 3. My favourite chinese bakery.

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